Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm now at a really freaken big train station & I wanna go home...

Okay, I made it from the airport in Munich to their really big train station. Now, I need to find the platform to catch a two hour train ride to Innsbruck Austria. This is where I really would like my phone to be working cause I have to call Andria & tell her what time I get in. I went to one of the million T-Mobile pay phones they have here & tried to put Euros in it to call her but the problem was is I had no clue how much the call would be, they didn't accept credit cards & I didn't know the country code...I'm screwed! I went into a cellphone or should I say "handy" dealership (f'n Europeans) to try to buy a cellphone but the dude was pretty cool when I told him my situation and he just sold me a phone card to call America & gave me the correct country code to dial. I was able to call out, let Andria know what time I got in & my nerves were a bit smoother...time for a beer.

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