Friday, October 31, 2008

My first try at waiting tables @ Doc's Motorworks...

seperate checks are a pain in the ass...

you gotta always keep your pitchers full...

serving up suicide drinks & carrying them...

keep them drinks full...

figuring out the kitchen...

bringing out the food...

babies love Doc's Motorworks on South Congress...


taking peoples order...

rocking the refills...

washing the dishes...

learning to sort the dishes...

rolling silverware...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My new diet that I'm starting on Monday...

It's from Colin Farrell. He was on it for a month to lose 40 pounds for a new movie he's in. I'm going to do it for a week to see what happens...who else is in with me?

All we can have is:

-Black coffee
-Diet Coke
-2 cans of tuna throughout the day

Thursday, October 9, 2008

One of my favorite videos growing up...

I thought this chic was the hottest girl in the world growing up. Also, I had no idea the guys in The Pet Shop Boys were gay by the way. I just thought it was cool to be shirtless playing with a your male buddy in the ocean wearing a plastic construction hat!

Best Madonna song & video of all time...

SERIOUSLY, THIS IS NOT A JOKE! I have no idea why but this is my favorite Madonna song & video of all time.

Things I love...

Construction cones:

Origin's "Never A Dull Moment" face scrub:


Bike Lanes:

Ranch dressing at the Mr. Gattis salad bar:

Ding from Southwest Airlines:

Burberry Brit perfume:

Columbia fishing shirts:

Sugar Free Red Bull:

Navigation on my Sprint phone:

Spot Shot carpet cleaner:

The Gap & Old Navy:

Escort 8500 Radar Detector:

Dripping Springs Vodka:

Tide stain stick:

Reef flip flops with the bottle opener:

Death Hot BBQ sauce at Uncle Billy's Brew & Que:

Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme:

putting clothes in my freezer:

Carino's two dine for $19.99:

Under Armour clothing:

Big League Chew:

End of season sales @ Garded Ridge: