Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm eating outside of my box today for lunch

Yup, I usually stay inside my bubble for all my meals (Barton Creek Mall food court) but not today. My boy C-Lo & I are "back in school" and eating at some Vietnamese on the drag...oh wait, is it still called the drag? I don't see any cool stores anymore, just a bunch of CO-OP crap...I miss the Soundexchange!

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Danica needs to get her ass kicked

She pulls this crap all the time...jack her up Milka!

Summertime fun in Austin, Texas

What do you think the reaction was when my buds and I showed up at our friends apartment pool located in Westlake? Yup, you were correct...hide the kids, there are cholo's from El Paso here!

My new BMX bike makes me look like...

A FAT F'N MIDGET, WTF!?!?!?!?!?!

I miss my fiance

Ok, so for those that don't know I'm engaged and my fiance is in Austria for summer school. She's been gone since July 1st and was living with me for the summer up until she left. It's pretty quiet here and Sunday's were "family" days. My boy C-Lo is here farting his ass off on my sofa watching's not the way I remember spending family day. He needs to go home now. Anyways, as weak as it sounds I do miss her being in the same room with me.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

VACATION: Saturday July 19th

I Woke up bored outta my mind and decided to go work on my golf game @ Golfsmith. It was frustrating, nothing would go straight (as if it ever did before). After two hours of frustration I packed up for the gym cause later on that night I was planning on wearing my skinny jeans.

8 pm rolled around so I made my move to watch the NASCAR race at Keybar. I saw 20 minutes of it and then I was soon out numbered by all the UFC fans wanting to change every tv to the fight...I proceeded to watch the race on my Blackberry, yeah really f'n sad, I watched dots racing on my phone.

11 pm rolled around and it was time to do stuff I haven't done in into bars I've never been in. Earlier in the week I ran into Brad Womack (The Bachelor) and he said to checkout his bar The Marq on 5th & Congress so that is where I headed. My boy Puga just moved back to Austin from Phoenix so he met me out there.

The Marq was freaken ridiculous packed with chics wanting to get a chance with B-Rad. Man, that dude is a busy guy. I took a shot or two and decided to leave the poor man alone and made my way back to west 6th street. As we were heading towards Katz Deli, I remembered that Sandra Bullock's joint Bess had a sweet bar so we said screw it and went in. PERFECT place to get away from it all & great freaken service, I think Lori was our bartenders name. Anyways, it's late and I'm starving so it's Katz:30 bro.

Katz can serve dog in their sandwhiches and it would still be good. EVERYTHING there is good especially if you are rocking a buzz. Puga rocked the "Rick Barnes" & I had half of something with cream cheese. Alright, it's late, I'm tired & it time to get a cab.

Friday July 18th @ 10:01 am = VACATION

It's on. I've never just stayed in Austin when I had a whole week off from work. I usually heat west to El Paso (my hometown) and hang with the family but not this time.

What am I gonna do you ask...

FRIDAY: NOTHING, just recover from Tuesday @ Keybar & J. Black's, Wednesday @ Lake Travis (Cougar Cruise), Thursday @ SIX Lounge & Whisky Bar. I'm 30 years old and hurting like a son of a bitch. I'm almost disappointed that my body can't take the crap I did when I was 21...maybe I'm just being a big pussy.

Let me tell you though, one night of rest will help me rock out with my you know what out on Saturday...I'll let you know how it was.