Sunday, August 10, 2008

Student from LSU & Alabama have officially made all American's look like a**holes...

So I'm out at a beer garden/club in Innsbruck & noticed a bunch of American's there. Only thing is they were all in soccer jersey's, khaki shorts, loafers, ball caps & they grew out their stashes for their last night in town. I was told they were there doing some sort of undergrad program from LSU & university of Alabama...this explains it, they're all 20 year old guys blowing it out. It was all fun & games until they started crap with the locals that go there just to hang. I was totally embarrased. Later talking to a waiter he explained they come every year & the locals just think they are a joke. I hope they don't think that's how we all are just cause a few bad eggs. ALSO, I saw the door guy kick one guy out that couldn't even walk. He made it to the bench out front & passed out on his back. I waited to see if his frat friends were gonna come get him or check on him but they didn't. I grabbed one of Andria's guy friends to help me go out and turn him on his stomach so he wouldn't chock on puke if he threw up. I've come a long way cause a few years ago I wouldve said "he deserved whatever happens". I hope he made his flight the next day.

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