Monday, January 5, 2009

God Bless Pep Boys...

Since hitting 100,000 miles on my car things have started to fall apart. I'd take my car to the dealer but I feel I've used up all my favors with them so I went to Manny, Moe & Jack. I left my car for over a week while I was out of town for the Holiday's and after paying $1500.00 she runs like a brand new car! Yeah, I'm not happy about the price but it was a lot done to it. All I'm saying is people always bitch about what a bad job so & so has done and this time I'm just trying to say thanks. Also, Pep Boys doesn't advertise with us nor do I have a hook up so hold your e-mails!

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kristin said...

Hey! Did you know that Fonzie, Hanks High School 1996, is a professional break dancer!!! I just saw him in a documentary representing the U.S. in the international break dance competition in Germany!!! Forgot the name of the film. I was so proud that El Paso was so well represented, even though Korea mopped the floor with the U.S. team. Still, pretty cool to see.

Kristin Ferrell