Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some day trip ideas (near Austin) to do on the cheap...

Shiner Brewery tour: I've been there once for the Ride To Shiner and never got to take the tour. Check the website for hours (heard they don't do tours on the weekend) & have a driver if you are gonna sample!

New Braunfels, Texas: JB just got back from here & said he loved it. Yes you can just got to float the river or hit up Schlitterbahn but I've heard there are other cool things there.

Blanco Real Ale tour: I heard this is also a pretty cool brewery tour that has tours on the weekend. Again, don't take my word, check their site for hours.

Lockhart, Texas: I love me some BBQ & heard they have the best BBQ here. When I've passed through it reminds me of the town in the Drew Barrymore movie "Homefries".

Enchanted Rock: I have no idea which way to go to get here but I'vd heard it's cool. Might want to skip it if it's 107 degrees!

Perdinales Falls: recommended by a listener, again I have no idea which direction to go to get here.

Blue Bell tour: I pass it all the time coming or going to Houston on 290. I bet it's pretty freaken cool if you love ice cream (great for this summer heat).

Fredericksburg, Texas: I've been there twice (once for peaches & the other time to stop & pee @ the Jeep dealership). Heard there are some pretty cool Bed & Breakfast joints there.

Natural Bridge Caverns: I see the billboard all the time & curiosity is killing me. Maybe I'll check it out this summer.

Marble Falls: I used to give this town a hard time until I visited it last winter...great time. This time I want to take advantage of the water this summer!

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Reeta said...

The Bluebell tour is fun, but check the dates and times before you go. The factory isn't open on weekends. Free ice cream comes with the tour!