Monday, July 21, 2008

I miss my fiance

Ok, so for those that don't know I'm engaged and my fiance is in Austria for summer school. She's been gone since July 1st and was living with me for the summer up until she left. It's pretty quiet here and Sunday's were "family" days. My boy C-Lo is here farting his ass off on my sofa watching's not the way I remember spending family day. He needs to go home now. Anyways, as weak as it sounds I do miss her being in the same room with me.

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Anonymous said...

Family day??? Seriously?? If it makes you feel any better you ruined my Sunday Funday with your weak "miss my fiancé sunday". I was wonderin why you were being such a crank. Don't ruin my holiday because you're upset your chick is sexy dancin with some eastern euro or some New England kid who's summerin'around the world with deep pockets. BTW, you ruined my first official sunday funday of the summer. Those aren't just regular Sunday Fundays either. I miss digitz. Boohoo..... maybe I'll go blog about it!