Sunday, July 20, 2008

VACATION: Saturday July 19th

I Woke up bored outta my mind and decided to go work on my golf game @ Golfsmith. It was frustrating, nothing would go straight (as if it ever did before). After two hours of frustration I packed up for the gym cause later on that night I was planning on wearing my skinny jeans.

8 pm rolled around so I made my move to watch the NASCAR race at Keybar. I saw 20 minutes of it and then I was soon out numbered by all the UFC fans wanting to change every tv to the fight...I proceeded to watch the race on my Blackberry, yeah really f'n sad, I watched dots racing on my phone.

11 pm rolled around and it was time to do stuff I haven't done in into bars I've never been in. Earlier in the week I ran into Brad Womack (The Bachelor) and he said to checkout his bar The Marq on 5th & Congress so that is where I headed. My boy Puga just moved back to Austin from Phoenix so he met me out there.

The Marq was freaken ridiculous packed with chics wanting to get a chance with B-Rad. Man, that dude is a busy guy. I took a shot or two and decided to leave the poor man alone and made my way back to west 6th street. As we were heading towards Katz Deli, I remembered that Sandra Bullock's joint Bess had a sweet bar so we said screw it and went in. PERFECT place to get away from it all & great freaken service, I think Lori was our bartenders name. Anyways, it's late and I'm starving so it's Katz:30 bro.

Katz can serve dog in their sandwhiches and it would still be good. EVERYTHING there is good especially if you are rocking a buzz. Puga rocked the "Rick Barnes" & I had half of something with cream cheese. Alright, it's late, I'm tired & it time to get a cab.

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